Hello! Here is Veronique’s short introduction in Cantonese:

In this introduction, you will discover her background, who is she, why she chose to work in the SEO industry, etc.

On this section, I’ll share all Cantonese SEO episodes from MY SEO PODCAST below! Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions regarding Search Engine Marketing!

Episode 1: The main SEO criteria to work on for ranking a website quicker

Articles, textual content, semantic analysis are one of the main criteria to optimize for ranking a website better and quicker (and on more keywords!)

Episode 2: SEO Google for Hong Kong, Macao, Guangdong (Shenzhen) cities

My next goal is to work on SEO Google for Hong Kong, Macao, Guangdong brands and companies in order to make them even more visible on search results (SERPs)!

Episode 3: My SEO books’ introduction in Cantonese! Go for it!

Where to find my books in English? Here are the links:

SEO Management, Methods and Techniques for Success

Baidu SEO – Challenges and Intricacies of Marketing in China

Episode 4: AUTOVEILLE celebrates 10 years anniversary!! Ready to go for another great decade!

For the next decade, I would like to share even more information on SEO and monitoring crawlers / softwares. I want to take a training in Python coding. Even if I own few projects, to train myself, it’s super important!

Episode 5: Why choosing keywords it’s the most important action to take in account during a SEO strategy? Here is the answer (in Cantonese):

Choosing the right keywords is the main thing at the beginning of a SEO strategy. Thanks to the right keywords, you will obtain qualitative traffic and a high Click Through Rate (CTR). These metrics are very important to take into account.

Episode 6: Why you should optimize your website’s robots.txt file? This file can really help you to optimize your site’s Crawl Budget for Google or Baidu

Thanks to the robots.txt file, you can only show the most relevant and strategic pages to users! So you should also have a better SEO traffic then!

Episode 7: How to take care of your health, hygiene and beauty as an entrepreneur?

Make sure to sleep enough (at least 7 hours), to use organic and natural beauty products to keep your skin healthy, and especially, to eat well!

Episode 8: How to manage a company and your business (in France) efficiently? Discover the pilars to set a healthy (and wealthy) company!

Managing a business in France requires a lot of efforts, especially on the administrative part. Discover how to manage a company in France and the mindset to have (or to develop!)

Episode 9: I invite you to be a speaker on My SEO Podcast (in Cantonese)! The episodes will be published here and on Spotify!

I would like to give the chance to other entrepreneurs and freelancers to be speakers on My SEO Podcast, so they can also promote their brands and business goals on Spotify!

Episode 10: When entrepreneurs can take a break and relax themselves? How is it important to take care of your health?

Mental and physical health is so important to take care to be productive for your business. Without a good health, it’s very difficult for you to be motivated and enthousiast for you to work on your tasks efficiently! Keep being inspired!

Episode 11: Grace Zhan’s Interview in Cantonese!

Grace is a Mandarin and Cantonese teacher in France … she is also a Woman Entrepreneur! Here, it’s her website (in French): and her YouTube Channel:

Episode 12: This special episode is in French. It’s all about my current mindset, how I re-organised my life

In this episode, you can hear me explaining to you my current life, projects in French! Hope you enjoy it 🙂

Episode 13: In this episode, I have to announce something really big and exciting in French! I will collaborate with a professional team for creating a new SEO podcast!

I can’t wait to record my episodes in their studio in Paris! So excited!

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